AlKarama Business Center

One of the largest, most prestigious and luxurious centers in Dubai which offers a range of governmental and private services, these services have been designed distinctively with a most modern techniques of smart technology to facilitate the center visitors’ procedures.

Emirates Secretarial Services

It is one of the national companies in Dubai that specializes in providing federal and local government services, as well as the diplomatic corporations, private companies and institutions within the country.

Dubai Health Authority

The most important and developed medical centre for DHA that is distinguishable in providing rapid services with a capacity of 5,000 customers daily; it has been fitted with all the equipments and modern laboratory techniques to provide fast and accurate services for a medical fitness applicants.

ESS Cafetria and Galetria

ESS Cafeteria maintains a wonderful environment to eat for all family members; and offers a delicious mix of food and drinks to different nationalities by providing best food, desserts and fresh juices from natural fruits for the centre’s visitors while providing seating area.

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AlKarama Business Center

In line with Dubai's strategy for providing quality government services in one place and as quickly as possible, Al Karama Business Center has been one of the largest centers in Dubai to prove this idea since its inception. It provides a range of government and business services for the various business sectors using the latest intelligent systems. Because our clients’ time has an invaluable value and because the success of the individual depends on how it is invested for its time, we have developed the quality and speed of service delivery to facilitate customer’s access to it.

Lastest News

  • UAE National Day 44

    Update Nov 25, 2015

    Organized center for the third time in a row the National Day celebration inside the center in partnership with the owners and their Highness and the people of the United Arab Emirates and all Reviewer this medical ground Read More

  • Flag Day celebrations

    Update Nov 06, 2013

    With the participation of chairman Sheikh Majid bin Obaid Juma Al Maktoum, UAE with the participation of the people joy Flag Day Read More

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